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What to Eat

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The popularity of Korean food is spreading globally as it appeals to a wide range of tastes and offers diversity in its styles of cuisine. As all-natural ingredients are used to make the majority of Korean foods, many dishes have been praised for their health benefits, including vitamin-rich kimchi, which helps digestion and some say may help prevent cancer.


Kimchi, a traditional fermented Korean side dish made of seasoned vegetables, is a Korean staple. Its spicy but sweet taste and natural ingredients is the perfect healthy compliment to any Korean meal. Tongbaechu-kimchi is the type of kimchi that is most common. This "whole cabbage" kimchi is usually made during winter and is served along with nearly every Korean meal.


For authentic Korean barbecue on a budget, go to Seoul's college town, Hongdae, near Hongik University and eat pork ribs!
Korean BBQ – calbi, bulgogi, roast or pork ribs
Kimchi Rice – a spicy treatment for hangovers



Seating is done according to social ranking and age. The youngest or lowest ranked person should sit closest to the door.

    • Wait for elders to pick up their spoons before beginning to eat, and try to keep pace with them while eating as finishing your meal before your elders may be considered rude.

    • When plates arrive for the table, use an individual plate for your own food.

    • A spoon should be used only for rice and soup, and do not hold a spoon and chopsticks in one hand. Do not use a used spoon for side dishes shared with others.

    • When reaching for food, do not stretch your arms out too far.

    • Avoid making noises when drinking and eating.

    • Turn your head to one side and cover your mouth with a handkerchief when sneezing or coughing. Avoid blowing your nose at the table.

    • When finished eating, put your chopsticks and spoon back to their original table settings, and put your used napkin, folded, back on the table.


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