Hera Seoul Fashion Week 2015

Seoul Fashion Week Seoul Fashion Week Photo courtesy of A.C. Parsons

Hera Seoul Fashion Week [SFW] 2015 was held in October 2015. What better place to hold SFW than Dongdaemun Design Plaza [DDP] where thousands of millennials from all over Asia anticipated catching a glimpse of their favorite K-Pop stars in the latest Hallyu [Korean Wave] fashion?


On the front lines of the Hallyu Fashion Wave are designers such as JKoo, KYE and Munsoo Kwon. Fans roared as they saw their favorite K-Pop stars: Girls Generation’s Hyoyeon Kim, Sistar’s Hyolyn and Loco. These stars were all setting trends around DDP in the latest designs from KYE. It was apparent from the crowd that the emerging designer’s talent has already made a huge impact in Asia.



What will Asia’s youth wear in the fall of 2016? Bright colors are in; shades of blue, red, pink and purple hair appear on runways, along with tattoos for the 18-plus crowd. Distressed jeans from the ‘80s have made a comeback, along with the classics like Doc Martens, Vans and Converse. A wide variety of trends will be crossing the streets of Beijing, Seoul and Tokyo next year.


So how can you follow the latest trends for 2016? A good place to start is by taking a look at different outfits and accessories on the latest fashion blogs for ideas. Consulting your favorite designers’ website can help you predict the newest looks, or even give you ideas if you can’t afford their clothing. Even simply observing the people in your own environment can help inspire you! Myeongdong, DDP and COEX Mall are the best places to see the latest fashion in Seoul, and they offer a wide variety of stories to inspire you to become a trendsetter!



AC Parsons is an educator and photographer/artist originally from California. He has been residing in South Korea for the past 12 years. His photography focuses on traditional and contemporary culture. Is addition to being a contributor to magazines, he had participated in over 10 art exhibitions throughout Korea in the past year.


All pictures courtesy of A.C.Parsons.

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